Are you ready for the next step to move on to a recovery residence home like we offer at The Hope House? The Hope House Ministry for Men is a structured housing environment that is Christian based and located in Uvalda, Georgia. To see if a recovery residence home is right for you, read some of the frequently asked questions below. If you have additional questions, please contact us via phone or email anytime. 

Recovery residence follows after a person has gone through detox whether from a facility, time in jail or on their own. You’re next step is to find a structured living home like ours (an official recovery residence), and begin the work to live a life free from addiction.

Any person can call us and do a screening over the phone. If accepted, once moved in, we will assist the resident in finding employment. Then the process of living sober each day begins. It may not be easy but it will happen with hard work.

We believe that if you are TIRED of living a life of addiction and you are willing to accept responsibility for your actions and willing to accept help, then a recovery residence is right for you.

No. We do not accept insurance but at certain times during the year we offer scholarships that will cover the cost of the entry fee. Please ask about our scholarships when you call for Admission.

There is a $1,500 intake fee and a $250 weekly fee. Contact us with any questions. Note: that the fees are subject to change.

Residents are allowed to have a personal cell phone after completing 6 months in the program. The house manager will have a phone for residents to use on designated days and times for house calls. When a resident is allowed a cell phone, they are not to be loaned out or borrowed.

You need to bring: an alarm clock, social security card, birth certificate, drivers license or ID, work boots, work clothes, casual clothes, bible, pillow and blankets. Belongings need to be brought in a laundry basket as we have no room for luggage.

Do not bring vapes of any kind, a phone, medications, mouthwash, knives or weapons.

Each member is required to clean daily. Schedules will be posted. Each member will have a scheduled day to cook for the house. Make their beds every morning. Members do their own laundry and all members are required to keep employment and pay their weekly rent.

NO. Enabling is giving an addict what they need to continue to use.

Helping them get into a structured living home is giving them a chance at a new life.

We encourage each resident to complete one year in the program, all though any amount of time is allowed. For residents wanting to move into our graduate housing: after one year of a completed program, we offer graduate housing where residents live on the grounds but in their own home.

Vehicles are not allowed upon entry. After a certain amount of time and built up trust, a vehicle will be allowed.

Visitations are on Sunday from 1-4pm EXCLUDING the First Sunday of every month. *Visitation is reserved for family members only.

All visitors must be approved. No overnight guests and no visitors allowed in bedrooms. No visitors are allowed to just show up. Visitors, girlfriends or family are not allowed to visit you on a job site.

Relapse happens and although we work diligently to assure that doesn’t happen, if it does, the owners and house manager will make the necessary decisions at that time. Keeping each person in the home drug free is very important. The environment has to be drug free for everyone to succeed. We take this issue very serious and we expect each person in the home to hold there house brothers accountable for their actions.

Please call us at anytime with questions. If you are struggling with addiction or you are a loved one of someone struggling with addiction, reach out to us!

Call or Text Us: 912-585-7977 or 912-585-7978